The Drucker Challenge Essay contest, organized by Peter Drucker Society Europe and now in its 3rd year, is about to raise awareness among young people of the works and ideas of Peter Drucker and a management philosophy that puts the human being in its centre.

The contest is open to students, junior managers, and entrepreneurs from around the world who want to share their views on the changing structure and mindset of the workforce and the impact it will have on institutions and management.

Essays must have between 1.500 to 3.000 words and attempt to deploy your perspectives and experience that will be significant for an interested but primarily non-research oriented audience. Researchers are invited to participate in our «Call for papers», co-organized by Peter Drucker Society Europe and Management Research Review (Emerald Group Publishing).

The title theme of this year's Drucker Challenge is «Reinventing Work, Reinventing Organization» - a hot topic that will also be discussed at the 4th Global Drucker Forum in the context of Capitalism 2.0.

For more information about the theme see here.  

The Winners of the "Peter Drucker Challenge" 2012 are:

In the Students category:

1. Karen Mok (USA)
2. Hongjun Wang (Singapore)
3. John Alexander Quintero Valderrama (Colombia/Japan) & ex aequo
    Victoria Schlusche (Germany)
5. Christoph Renk (Germany)
6. Sneha Bopaiya (India)
7. Shekinah Cravens (USA)
8. Darlington Wiredu Kwabena (Ghana)
9. Supreetha Ranjit (India)
10. János Varga (Hungary)

In the Managers/Entrepreneurs category:

1. Temitayo Olofinlua (Nigeria)
2. David Hurst (Canada)
3. Shrey Goyal (India)
4. Yavnika Khanna (India)
5. Siddarth Wadhera (Philippines)
6. Stephan Kardos (Austria)
7. Pawan Kumar Konda (India)
8. Nithya Nagarathhinam (India)
9. Joseph Roberts (USA)
10. Philippe Noelting (Canada)

A word to those whose essays didn't make it into the top 10: We received almost 100 essays from all over the world this year. You therefore faced a highly competitive environment and the "Peter Drucker Challenge" jury members faced a real challenge in selecting the best essays out of a high number of high-quality essays, and they often had to make very difficult decisions.

Please bear also in mind that this essay contest revolved around Peter Drucker and his ideas.
When in doubt the jury members tended to choose the essays that had a bit more Drucker resp. Druckerian ideas or spirit in them.

We do hope, though, that you nevertheless found writing your essay a rewarding experience.
We want to let you know how much we appreciate you having taken the time and having taken part in this year's "Peter Drucker Challenge". We are very glad you did!

Thank you very much!